‘Crafting a Better Quality of Life’

Written by: Ben Walpole
Published on: Mar 9, 2022

water PVC plastic pipes in the ground
Photo credit: nuwatphoto/Shutterstock

As ASCE members participate this week in the 2022 Legislative Fly-In – many of them visiting Capitol Hill in person – the recent bipartisan infrastructure law is top of mind.

The $1.2 trillion investment came on the heels of ASCE’s 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure and months – truly, years – of member communication to their elected leaders.

ASCE President Dennis D. Truax, Ph.D., P.E., DEE, D.WRE, F.ASCE, spoke with Civil Engineering Source about the bipartisan infrastructure law, how it’s changing the future of the industry and infrastructure advocacy work.

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