Podcast: Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Reshapes Civil Engineering Possibilities

Written by: Ben Walpole
Published on: Dec 14, 2021

man and women working at construction site
Photo credit: Hill Street Studios/Getty Images

"The bill is a huge investment and the culmination of decades of ASCE advocacy to get to this point. We haven't stopped; we know we need to continue. But we also know that as a result of all that we're going to be able to help transform our communities ... create lots of potential job opportunities for anyone seeking to have an impact in our industry."

Those are the words in a podcast of Kristina Swallow, P.E., Pres.18.ASCE, who worked for years to advocate with ASCE for infrastructure investment.

Now, as director of the Nevada Department of Transportation, she is excited about the opportunity presented by the recent bipartisan infrastructure law to improve her home state.

In episode 98 of ASCE Plot Points, Swallow discusses the various ways the new law will reshape the civil engineering profession. And the student ambassadors discuss their favorite engineers in civil engineering history.

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