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What skills do civil engineers need to enter the profession and contribute immediately?

Written by: Ben Walpole
Published on: May 25, 2023

Civil Engineering Skills

Photo credit: Jason Dixson Photography

As explored in the latest issue of Civil Engineering magazine and the ongoing ASCE “State of Civil Engineering” series, there is more civil engineering work right now than civil engineers.

And while this ratio is good for those qualified civil engineers looking to enhance their careers, it’s not a great situation for employers and project owners.

Bottlenecks in the talent pipeline mean it’s more important than ever for firms to maximize their new hires, particularly those entry-level engineers, so that they can contribute from day one. The last thing firms can afford to do is get caught in a never-ending cycle of hire, train, and re-train.

So what is it that civil engineers need to know before entering the profession?

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