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  • Civil Engineering Certification

    Are you a board-certified civil engineer? Your career and project’s success may depend on it

    • Aug 24, 2023
    • Ben Walpole

    "As civil engineering becomes more and more complex, the requirement for specialization is becoming more and more evident," said Andrew Henry Cairns, president of ASCE's Civil Engineering Certification Inc.

  • Civil Engineering Skills

    What skills do civil engineers need to enter the profession and contribute immediately?

    • May 25, 2023
    • Ben Walpole

    As explored in the latest issue of Civil Engineering magazine and the ongoing ASCE “State of Civil Engineering” series, there is more civil engineering work right now than civil engineers.

  • Best places for civil engineers 2023

    Best Places for Civil Engineers 2023

    • Apr 16, 2023
    • Ben Walpole

    There’s the old line about the three keys to a successful restaurant –location, location, location. It can apply to your civil engineering career as well. Where you live and work still goes a long way toward your happiness. And it’s with that in mind that ASCE releases its annual list of the Best Places to Be a Civil Engineer.

  • two wind engineers

    Why Engineers Share Knowledge and Experience

    • Jan 11, 2023
    • Eva Lerner-Lam, M.ASCE, M.SAE, F.ITE

    I wish I’d known how much seasoned professionals are willing to not only share their knowledge and experience with aspiring young professionals but also learn from them.

  • happy female engineer

    Job Satisfaction Among Civil Engineers High, New Salary Report Finds

    • Dec 22, 2022
    • Ben Walpole

    The just-released 2022 ASCE Civil Engineering Salary Report shows salaries rising among civil engineers.

  • career roadmap

    Updated Engineering Grades Outline Your Career Roadmap

    • Oct 18, 2022
    • Ben Walpole

    Imagine if you had a document that detailed skill for skill what a civil engineer needed to master through each phase of their career. Well, dream no longer. This holy grail is real.

  • women in engineering

    Other People Aren’t Always Right

    • Jul 21, 2022
    • Erleen Hatfield, P.E., M.ASCE

    I wish I’d known that other people don’t (always) know better than I do.

  • business meeting

    Moving up in Your Career Takes Confidence

    • Jul 19, 2022
    • Margaret M. Mitchell

    Annahid (Anna) Dastgheib-Beheshti is the recipient of the Boston Society of Civil Engineers 2021 President’s Award, and this year she was named as one of ASCE’s New Faces of Civil Engineering-Professional.

  • civil engineer stress

    Podcast: Strategies for Mitigating Stress in Civil Engineers

    • Jul 12, 2022
    • Ben Walpole

    Stress in the civil engineering profession and some strategies specifically geared for civil engineers to help mitigate anxiety.

  • language

    Learn the Language of Government

    • Jul 5, 2022
    • Carol Ellinger Haddock, P.E., M.ASCE

    I wish I’d known earlier in my career the common language and policy framework that can help engineers succeed in the world of public administration budgeting and funding. It would have saved me considerable frustration.

  • urban search and rescue

    What it Takes to Serve on Urban Search and Rescue Teams

    • Jun 30, 2022
    • Tom Caldwell, P.E., M.ASCE, Army Reserve Maj. Mike Riccitiello, P.E., PMP

    EMA’s urban search and rescue teams, which often include specialized civil engineers, are often the first responders to disasters in the built environment.

  • diverse civil engineers

    How Diverse Teams Drive Innovation (Part 1)

    • Jun 27, 2022

    The diversity of a company and its success are not only directly related, but their relationship has become increasingly significant in recent years.

  • three design engineers

    The Benefits of Working for a Medium-Sized Engineering Firm

    • Jun 15, 2022
    • Ben Walpole

    You can work for a giant firm. You can work for a smaller firm. But what about those medium-sized firms?

  • first job

    How to Get Ready for Your First Full-Time Job

    • Jun 8, 2022
    • Ben Walpole

    This month, civil engineers around the world are starting their careers. And those first full-time jobs are exciting. But also a little daunting.

  • vise clamp inflation wrench

    Inflation Squeezing Your Salary?

    • May 24, 2022
    • Nicolai Oliden

    Inflation has significantly impacted what and how much I can buy.

  • two cheerful colleagues shaking hands

    How to Get Leadership Experience Early in Your Career

    • May 9, 2022
    • Ben Walpole

    How does a young civil engineer get leadership experience when the work roles that would provide such experience require previous leadership experience?

  • female manager

    Moving into Management Takes Training and Empathy

    • May 2, 2022
    • Laurie A. Shuster

    Natalie Carmen, P.E., M.ASCE, shares her insights into changing roles.

  • female civil engineer

    Overcoming the Hurdles to Gender Parity in Engineering Will Take Concerted Efforts

    • May 2, 2022
    • Jenny Jones

    Each year for the past two decades, the Society of Women Engineers has examined social science research to understand this underrepresentation of women in engineering.

  • lifelong learning

    Embracing a Lifelong-Learning Mindset

    • Apr 26, 2022
    • Ben Walpole

    Tanesa Kassa is a structural detail designer for the Arkansas Department of Transportation. That wasn't exactly where her career started, though.

  • transition planning

    Career Transition: Three Stories

    • Apr 12, 2022
    • Ben Walpole

    A project engineer, civil analyst and civil engineering student share their experiences of making transitions in their careers.