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  • Building Your Professional Brand

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Maegan Nunley

    Your professional brand is who you are in the professional world - both online and in person.

  • Top Questions to Ask Your Mentor

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Kush Vashee

    The best mentor relationships are the ones where each side learns something from the other. No matter how young you are, you never know what someone can learn from you.

  • How to Carve Out a Healthy Work-Life Balance Early in Your Career While Still Earning a Reputation as a Hard Worker

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Kenneth Mika

    Being ready to start making a reputation as a hard worker, as well as settle down and start a family, can lead to conflict for young professionals.

  • 3 Keys to Managing Your Team’s Work-Life Balance – Manager’s Perspective

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Jeffrey Duplantis

    We are amidst a global event that has impacted everyone’s work and home life to some degree. While maintaining a perfect balance between work and personal life is difficult, it is not impossible.

  • Diversity Allies and Sponsorship in the Industry

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Catherine Martsolf

    Studies show that diverse teams produce more effective solutions.

  • Embracing COVID-19 and Mental Health

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Kazi Hassan

    Human beings are the most resilient species on this planet. We can get knocked down and rebuild ourselves, just the way civil engineers rebuild a city after an earthquake.

  • Why I Include My Pronouns in a Professional Setting

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Danielle Schroeder

    Danielle writes about why sharing her personal pronouns promotes respectful civil engineering communication and a safer work environment for everyone.