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  • How I Aced the P.E. Exam

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Ben Walpole

    With the next round of P.E. and S.E. exams approaching, it’s nearly crunch time for those seeking professional licensure this coming spring.

  • Preparing for the FE Exam

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Christopher Medora

    The Fundamentals of Engineering - or FE - exam is a great way to test (pun intended) what students learned while pursuing their undergraduate engineering degrees.

  • 5 Keys to Building Successful Engineering Relationships

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Jazzy Principe

    Civil engineering is nothing without context. That means community. And community means communication.

  • Resume or CV? What’s the Difference? Which to Use?

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Doug Cantrell

    It’s exciting to advance your career by applying for a position that is a great fit for your goals. But this can also be stressful. Applying for a new position is like a first impression, and we all want to put our best foot forward.

  • 7 Tips for Writing a Civil Engineering Cover Letter That Stands Out

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Stephanie Slocum

    We judge books by their covers and resumes by their cover letters. What does your cover letter say about you?

  • Six Tips to Ace Your Virtual Job Interview

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Keval Satra

    The coronavirus outbreak has brought about radical change in the way companies operate. With most operations going remote, the “virtual interview” has become the new norm in hiring of talent.