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  • civil engineer stress

    Podcast: Strategies for Mitigating Stress in Civil Engineers

    • Jul 12, 2022
    • Ben Walpole

    Stress in the civil engineering profession and some strategies specifically geared for civil engineers to help mitigate anxiety.

  • diverse civil engineers

    How Diverse Teams Drive Innovation (Part 1)

    • Jun 27, 2022

    The diversity of a company and its success are not only directly related, but their relationship has become increasingly significant in recent years.

  • female civil engineer

    Overcoming the Hurdles to Gender Parity in Engineering Will Take Concerted Efforts

    • May 2, 2022
    • Jenny Jones

    Each year for the past two decades, the Society of Women Engineers has examined social science research to understand this underrepresentation of women in engineering.

  • female engineer working on laptop

    Why Hustle Will Always Beat Brains

    • Apr 6, 2022
    • Rashod R. Johnson

    I wish I’d known the value of diversity when I opened my own business. I started what is now known as Ardmore Roderick in Chicago in 2005. I was just 29 years old.

  • How to Carve Out a Healthy Work-Life Balance Early in Your Career While Still Earning a Reputation as a Hard Worker

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Kenneth Mika

    Being ready to start making a reputation as a hard worker, as well as settle down and start a family, can lead to conflict for young professionals.

  • 3 Keys to Managing Your Team’s Work-Life Balance – Manager’s Perspective

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Jeffrey Duplantis

    We are amidst a global event that has impacted everyone’s work and home life to some degree. While maintaining a perfect balance between work and personal life is difficult, it is not impossible.

  • Diversity Allies and Sponsorship in the Industry

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Catherine Martsolf

    Studies show that diverse teams produce more effective solutions.

  • Embracing COVID-19 and Mental Health

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Kazi Hassan

    Human beings are the most resilient species on this planet. We can get knocked down and rebuild ourselves, just the way civil engineers rebuild a city after an earthquake.

  • Why I Include My Pronouns in a Professional Setting

    • Jul 22, 2021
    • Danielle Schroeder

    Danielle writes about why sharing her personal pronouns promotes respectful civil engineering communication and a safer work environment for everyone.