Paradigm Environmental, Inc.

About Paradigm Environmental, Inc.

Paradigm Environmental is a consulting firm that specializes in water resources management and supports a broad array of IT applications. Our water resources expertise is sought internationally for innovative solutions to water quality impairments, engineering challenges and regulatory pressures. Paradigm’s innovative approach to watershed and stormwater planning leverages cutting-edge, open-source tools such as continuous simulation, genetic optimization, statistical analysis, geoprocessing and cloud computing. We have led numerous groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind projects using interdisciplinary expertise including engineers, hydrologists, environmental scientists, biologists and programmers. For applications and software development, we pride ourselves on creating platforms that are intuitive, reliable and aesthetic. We excel at data storage, mapping, and visualization including development of dynamic dashboards to analyze and communicate complex datasets. We pride ourselves on rapid turnaround, high-quality deliverables that are on-message and aligned with our clients’ programs. Our reputation and highly-specialized expertise have led us to projects around the globe, while our offices provide local footprints in California (San Diego), the Southeast (Nashville, TN) and Chesapeake Bay (Fairfax, VA).

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