Yakima County

About Yakima County

Yakima County is located in south central Washington near the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains in a major agricultural and outdoor recreation region. It is situated in the fertile Yakima Valley, known for its wineries and apple orchards. The geography varies from densely timbered, mountainous terrain in the west, rolling foothills, broad valleys and arid regions to the east and fertile valleys in its central and southern parts. It is centrally located between the cities of Seattle, Spokane and Portland. The Yakima Valley is a wonderful place to live, work and play.Though agriculture has been the staple of the economy over the last 100 years, Yakima is also known for its workforce in health services and local government. Yakima County is one of the largest employers in the County, employing 900+ full-time employees that provide local government services to 260,000 residents. To learn more about the services provided, go to: www.yakimacounty.us

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