City of Farmington

Farmington is located in San Juan County in the New Mexico portion of the nation's "Four Corners" region. Farmington is situated at the convergence of the San Juan, Animas, and La Plata rivers, and is the largest city in the Four Corners, with a population of over 45,000. Farmington is the trade center for a rural region covering large portions of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. The Four Corners area boasts year-round pleasant climate with low humidity and comfortable temperatures. Farmington is an ideal base for touring the Four Corners area and the ultimate location for explorers, history buffs, and nature lovers alike. The City is surrounded by ancient Native American cultural sites, world-class skiing in the San Juan Mountains, and record trout fishing in nearby rivers and lakes. The Four Corners region is rich with Native American history, National Parks, and World Heritage Sites.

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