Geotech Engineering and Testing

Geotech Engineering and Testing (GET) is a multi-discipline organization of licensed engineers, field andlaboratory technicians and clerical personnel who combine their technical capabilities, past experience,dedication, and enthusiasm to offer the finest service through a combined team effort. GET wasfounded in 1985 and has a staff of about 70 engineers, technicians, and support staff. GET is one of thelargest Houston based Geotechnical Engineering Companies. Basically, our services include thefollowing:Construction materials engineering, including earthwork, asphalt, steel, and concrete testingduring construction.Geotechnical Engineering, including soil borings, and laboratory testing.Engineering analyses and recommendations regarding foundations, pavements, slope stability,retaining walls, construction, etc.Environmental engineering, including site assessments, monitor well installations, fault studies,and underground storage tank contamination studies.Geo Forensic engineering, including expert testimony regarding foundations, slopes, and pavingdistress studies.

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