The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) is a bi-county agency empowered by the State of Maryland in 1927 to acquire, develop, maintain and administer a regional system of parks within Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, and to provide land use planning for the physical development of Prince George's and Montgomery counties. In addition, the M-NCPPC gained responsibility for the public recreation program in Prince George's County in 1970. The M-NCPPC administers a park system of more than 52,000 acres. It is composed of stream valley parks, large regional parks, neighborhood parks and park-school recreation areas. Its staff of career employees includes planners, park and recreation administrators, park police and administration staff. In addition, seasonal workers staff numerous park and recreation programs. The M-NCPPC is governed by the Commission which consists of ten members, of which five are appointed by Montgomery County and five are appointed by Prince George's County. The Commission coordinates and acts on matters of interest to both counties, and meets at least once a month. The members of the Commission from each county serve as separate Planning Boards to facilitate, review and administer the matters affecting their respective counties. The organizational functions are carried out by the following departments: Human Resources and Management Finance Legal Prince George's Planning Montgomery Planning Prince George's Parks and Recreation Montgomery Parks

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