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Dayton, Ohio
Starting salary is $62,000 per year including a stipend for health insurance and moving expenses.
Oct 18, 2021
Jan 16, 2022
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Faculty in the Department of Systems Engineering and Management at the Air Force Institute of Technology are hiring three postdoctoral researchers across three different infrastructure risk-related projects. Postdoctoral researchers will work with Dr. Christopher M. Chini and Dr. Justin Delorit on joint research projects related to infrastructure resilience. We will begin reviewing applications on November 30, 2021. Anticipated Appointment Start Date: Spring/Summer 2022 (flexible). Each postdoctoral research position is for two years with the potential for a one-year extension contingent upon performance and funding. Starting salary is $62,000 per year including a stipend for health insurance and moving expenses. Note: postdoctoral researchers will be contractors to the federal government and employment carries no military commitment.

To combat the changing risks posed by climate change and aging infrastructure, it is necessary to identify proper adaptation pathways for rehabilitating, upgrading, and replacing infrastructure. The following three projects each offer opportunities to advance infrastructure management and risk assessment. All projects are funded by the Department of Defense and require the passing of a security clearance before hiring.

1. Topic: Optimization of asset adaptation to climate change. The project will develop methods by which facilities and infrastructure can adapt to threats from changing climate and other disturbances. The goal of the research is to characterize and evaluate the best timeline for infrastructure adaptation under uncertainty and to present these adaptation pathways to Air Force installations. Candidate Requirements: US Citizen, experience in resilience engineering with a facilities, infrastructure, or asset management focus.

2. Topic: Stormwater Management and Recurrent Flooding. The project will build a stormwater model for Tyndall AFB and evaluate flooding risk with various climate scenarios including sea level rise, tidal fluctuations, and increased rainfall intensity. Utilizing these scenario analyses, a tool for risk assessment of flooding will be generated. The goal is to ultimately create a process to assess flooding risk with a changing climate at different installations or cities. Candidate Requirements: Stormwater modeling experience with SWMM or another platform; Background in risk or resilience assessments; Skilled in Geospatial programs such as ArcGIS and related software. U.S. citizenship not required.

3. Topic: Water Distribution Systems Resilience. The project couples hydraulic modeling with topological modeling to identify opportunities and vulnerabilities in water distribution systems to promote system resilience. We anticipate investigating a series of scenario analyses across multiple DOD installations using both hydraulic and topological models to understand system performance. Tools used include network theory, hydraulic modeling in EPANET, and risk analysis. The research will answer questions about water distribution system vulnerability and impact to facility missions. Candidate Requirements: Experience with EPANET or WNTR software is preferred but not required. Background in engineering resilience assessments and geospatial information. U.S citizenship not required.

All three postdoctoral positions will be administered through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE), established through an interagency agreement between DOE and DOD. The participant will receive a monthly stipend commensurate with educational level and experience, as well as coverage (100% of total premium) of individual health insurance, available through ORISE. A relocation stipend will also be provided. Proof of health insurance is required for participation in this program. The appointment is full-time at AFIT in Dayton, OH. Participants do not become employees of the DOD, DOE or the program administrator, and there are no employment-related benefits.

To apply for the position, contact Ms. Jennifer Ngo ( Provide a curriculum vitae and examples of up to 3 previous publications. Position is open until filled.