Structural Engineer

West Palm Beach, Florida
Competitive Salary + Health Benefits, 401k, PTO, Continuing Education
Nov 04, 2021
Feb 02, 2022
Position Type
Engineer, Staff Engineer
Contract Type
Organization Type
Firm, Consulting Engineering

Applicants must have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Civil Engineering from and ABET accredited institution. EIT certification is preferred.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Generation of 3-D Building Information Models (BIM) and 3-D Structural Analysis and Design Models utilizing advanced software programs
  • Computer-aided and hand-calculated structural analysis, design, and detailing of steel, concrete, masonry, and timber systems
  • Introductory structural design coordination with other design professionals including Architects and Engineers of various disciplines
  • Preparation of Construction Documents within the Autodesk REVIT environment
  • Review of structural submittals and basic RFI’s
  • Construction Observation and Special Inspections on Jezerinac Group and other projects
  • Site investigation and assessment


  • Production of complete and accurately modeled BIM and structural analysis and design models
  • Production of accurate and orderly-kept calculations
  • Production of accurately extracted structural plans and details per Jezerinac Group drawing presentation standards for review supervisor
  • Production of Field Observation, Inspection, and Investigative Reports per Jezerinac Group reporting standards for review by supervisor

Knowledge Required


  • Model Building Codes, e.g., FBC and IBC
  • Design Standards, e.g., ASCE-7
  • Material Codes and Design Standards, e.g., ACI-318 and AISC Manuals of Steel Construction
  • JG design, BIM modeling, and drawing presentation standards, where applicable
  • Software user manuals, e.g., Autodesk REVIT, RAM SS, RAM Concept, Enercalc
  • Understanding of statics, mechanics of materials, and traditional and matrix structural analysis – exercise general critical thinking skills consistent with such understanding
  • Understanding of steel, concrete, masonry, and timber design methodology
  • Field observation and inspection techniques

Work Quality

  • Produces logical and accurate results backed by organized and clearly presented structural calculations that are easy for supervisors to understand
  • Follows Jezerinac Group design, BIM modeling, and drawing presentation standards, where applicable
  • Uses proper grammar within written and verbal communication
  • Production of neat, accurate, and graphically pleasing documentation including reports
  • Schedules timely in-house task/project quality reviews of his/her work and follows through on review comments

Time Management / Efficiency / Self-Motivation

  • Sets goals throughout day for the completion of individual tasks
  • Seeks collaboration with supervisor in determination of allotted time per task and produces work in allotted time period
  • Works to simplify analysis, design, and drawing presentation
  • Completes tasks on time and only once; spends little time correcting design errors or incomplete or erroneous documents
  • Logs time accurately on a daily basis per Project Manager’s contractual agreements
  • Voluntarily seeks job knowledge outside of office hours including reading of textbooks, codes, material specifications, software manuals, and industry trade publications

Communication and Teamwork

  • Strong technical writing skills
  • Speaks clearly and efficiently to colleagues, supervisors, clients, and other industry professionals using accurate technical terminology
  • Writes grammatically correct, efficient, and technically accurate reports, emails, or other inquiries
  • Works collaboratively with others, openly, and thoroughly sharing information with others