Professional Engineer - Public Works

Lakeland, Florida
$85,459.58 - $132,575.85 Annually
Dec 03, 2021
Jan 02, 2022
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This is a highly responsible supervisory level engineering position. An employee in this class is responsible for the performance of difficult and complex engineering design, operation and construction tasks associated with the planning and design of a variety of civil engineering projects.  Duties will involve directing in-house engineering task forces engaged on major projects assuming the role of Project Manager.   In this capacity the employee will also perform Project Manager duties for projects performed by outside consultants and engineers.  Work includes the preparation, review and acceptance of studies, reports, design, plans, specifications and cost estimates for the project. The opportunity for independent judgment in planning the work and making technical decisions is required.   Work is performed under general supervision of an administrative supervisor and is evaluated upon completion. Direction will be exercised over lower level engineers, technicians and field personnel.



  • Prepares difficult and complex design drawings, construction plans, specifications, feasibility studies, evaluations, cost estimates and bid documents for engineering projects.
  • Applies signature and Professional Engineer’s seal to design and construction plans prepared or supervised and assumes the responsibilities as the Engineer of Record for the projects.
  • Supervises personnel in the various phases of project development.
  • Coordinates assigned functions and activities with other City departments and divisions, other governmental agencies and private consultant engineers and contractors.
  • Coordinates utilities verification and resolve conflicts to meet intended design functions.
  • Prepares permit applications to governing agencies such as FDOT, SWFWMD, DEP, COE and Polk County for transportation and stormwater projects.
  • Signs, seals and certifies as-built drawings for designed and permitted projects.
  • Supervises and directs engineering design operation and development site plan review operation.
  • Evaluates consultants’ qualifications and proposals for projects.
  • Evaluates right of way or easement needs for projects.
  • Reviews and provides comments on transportation and stormwater projects designed by consultants for City projects or projects submitted by FDOT and Polk County.
  • Assists manager in planning of Capital Improvement Plan projects, annual budgeting and maintaining the City’s Engineering Standards Manual for the Engineering Division.
  • Prepares estimates to indicate budgetary requirements for operating, maintenance and construction purposes.
  • Plans and recommends training for personnel supervised and conducts performance reviews.
  • Performs research, analysis, evaluation and engineering calculations as needed for subjects and prepares reports and recommendations setting forth the results of such research.
  • Uses computer aided design software to review design drawings, provide edits and perform calculations and analysis for engineering projects.
  • Performs studies on installed systems to determine proper performance and recommends changes to improve said performance.
  • Uses computer programs to perform calculations and analysis for engineering projects.
  • Coordinates outside contractor's personnel and consultant inspection personnel with other City personnel on construction projects managed by the Engineering Division.
  • Manages the City’s right of way use permitting process. 
  • Directs engineering technicians in the review and approval of utility and non-utility right of way permit applications.
  • Participates on the City of Lakeland Development Review Team and supervises engineering technicians in the review of development plans and/or engineering reports to ensure compliance with Florida Greenbook and City of Lakeland Engineering Manual Standards.
  • May be required to work alternate hours as necessary for the efficient operation of the department.  
  • Position is designated Mission Critical.


  • Performs related work as required.



  • Graduation from an accredited four (4) year college or university with a degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, or closely related field.
  • Five (5) years of experience in related engineering work.
  • Possession of a Professional Engineer's license issued by the State of Florida.


  • Must complete required continuing education to maintain Professional Engineer's license issued by the State of Florida.
  • Must possess a valid State of Florida driver's license.
  • Must maintain a valid telephone number.
  • May be required to pass and maintain qualification for:
    • Respiratory Protection Physical
    • Pulmonary Function
    • Qualitative and Quantitative Fit Test(s)



  • Extensive knowledge of fundamental and applied engineering science, engineering principles and practices applied in planning, analysis and design as required for carrying out design of civil engineering projects.
  • Extensive knowledge of local, state and federal standards, regulations, policies and procedures for transportation and stormwater design projects.
  • Extensive knowledge of specifications for transportation and stormwater construction projects.
  • Extensive skill in the use of computer aided drafting software and in the use of mathematical formulas required in engineering work.
  • Extensive knowledge of specific systems related to engineering areas of responsibility.
  • Extensive knowledge of statistical principles, applications and sampling techniques for use in data collection, interpolation and evaluation for planning and reporting.
  • Extensive skill in the use of drafting instruments and in the use of mathematical table required in professional engineering work.
  • Skill in making complex engineering computations and in designing difficult engineering projects.
  • Skill in verbal and written commutations in presenting engineering projects.
  • Ability to prepare, interpret and review for acceptance engineering plans, specifications and reports.
  • Ability to conduct engineering research, write technical reports and give reliable advice on complex engineering problems.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, other City employees and the general public.
  • Ability to plan and direct the work of subordinate engineers and technicians.
  • Ability to direct project development and coordinate design and construction activities.


  • Requires sedentary to active work that involves walking or standing some of the time, exerting up to ten (10) pounds of force on a recurring basis and routine keyboard operations.
  • The job risks exposure to no significant environmental hazards.
  • The job requires normal visual acuity, field of vision, hearing, speaking, color perception, sense of smell, depth perception and texture perception.