Senior Engineer - Structural Draughtsperson

Outsource UK Limited
Glasgow, Scotland, G14 0XN
May 10, 2022
May 17, 2022
Position Type
Engineer, Senior Engineer
Organization Type
Firm, Consulting Engineering
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Role Title Senior Engineer - Structural Draughtsperson
Business: Maritime Sub Business area: Naval Ships
Generic Role title: Senior Engineer Job Code:
Job function: Engineering Grade: PG4
Discipline: Naval Architecture Date:
Reports to (Position): Principal Engineer
Position description (high level summary, 2 - 3 statements)
* Create and update ship structural drawings using 2D and 3D drawing tools.
* Develop solutions to detailed structural arrangements working in conjunction with the Stage 1 Structural Engineers.
Organisation chart
No and grades of direct reports: N/A

Organisation chart:
Core Activity
* Produce 2D drawings of structural arrangements and scantlings of ships in accordance with the required drawing standards.
* Develop solutions to detailed structural arrangements of the primary ships structure, working with the Stage 1 Structural Engineers.
* Liaise with the Stage 2 teams to obtain information on the ships structure and outfit to assist in the development of the structural drawings.
* Access the 3D CAD model of the ship as required
* Maintain records of structural drawings and documents and submit documents and drawings through the Windchill approval system
Key Accountabilities (ideally 10 - 12 points)
* Preparation of correct structural drawings
* Peer review of scantling drawings
* Assisting the preparation of technical reports and specifications, as required
Qualifications/Functional Knowledge
* Possesses good knowledge of all aspects within his/her discipline.
* Able to produce detailed structural drawings using recognised 2D and 3D CAD systems.
* Has sufficient breadth of knowledge of ship structural detailed design and the sound judgement needed to be able make correct trade-off decisions
* Completed a detailed design apprenticeship in a technology, engineering or science related discipline
* Understanding of LCM
Budget responsibility (£): None

1. Basic Position Details

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Reports to: the position title the Position will report into
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3. Organisation chart:
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4. Core activity:
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5. Key Accountabilities:
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6. Qualifications/Functional Knowledge:
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7. Budget responsibilities:
The should be a financial figure wherever possible, and only if appropriate, to help outline the level of responsibility for the role in terms of size of programme. Consideration can be taken of the organisation hierarchy in terms of overall accountability. Monitoring of budget should not be included here.