Senior Civil Engineer

Jacksonville, Florida area with offices in St. John's, Florida
$140,000-160,000 base salary plus generous benefits
May 11, 2022
Jun 10, 2022
Position Type
Engineer, Senior Engineer
Contract Type
Organization Type
Firm, Architectural

Position Title: Civil Engineer, Senior (P.E)

Department: Civil Design Department

Type of Position: Full Time

FLSA Status: Exempt

Report Structure: Reports to the Design Business Leader for responsibilities including, but not limited to: project assignments, job specific expectations, performance expectations, personal (behavioral & technical) developmental goals, career (position advancement) developmental goals, interdepartmental procedures, client management requirements, compensation, etc. The direct reports to this position are: Civil Engineer I.

General Summary: 

This position is responsible for managing all aspects of and phases of civil engineering design development practices in in adherence to U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Army surveying, planning and design standards. The Sr. Civil Engineer is expected to be responsible for the supervision of more than one project at a time, all in accordance with the Mission, Vision, and Values of the enterprise.

Competencies Required: 

  • Enterprise Level Strategy - Fosters and contributes to the vision of the company. Stimulates the team, and company, to evolve, grow, and support the innovation/ evolution of processes, procedures, and other aspects of the department. Encourages the team to respect and value each other. Promotes the value and success of a highly functioning team, and company, emphasizing the need to communicate, appreciate, and motivate each other. Looking beyond own capability, and design/civil scope, to find and make the best value for all involved, while maintaining profitability and value. Understands goals of the enterprise and effectively conveys elements of these goals to other team members in a positive manner in order to reinforce the desired outcome and alignment. Leads, manages, and coordinates the civil design team in alignment with the department goals through interaction/communication with other design team members in accordance with desired strategies, reporting to DBL with weekly updates. Responsible for understanding how architecture and operations (build) integrate to meet or exceed goals on every project. Manages and coordinates assigned team structure, operations, processes, and procedures for design/build civil projects in accordance with RQC business strategy, seeking to meet or exceed goals each time.
  • Department and Project Team Management - Generates, directs, delegates, supervises, facilitates, and organizes department resources, workflow, activities, project scopes, requirements, team meetings, and deliverables of civil project team members engaged in production in collaboration with the entire RQ project team including the Operations and Architecture Departments. Reviews and approves applications for payment by consultants, verifying that work deliverables adhere to contractual requirements. Coaches support staff in production of required documentation for projects. Reviews meeting minutes, validating they support project strategy delivery, leads, documents, and action items from consultant team meetings. Holds self, project, team, etc. accountable by taking ownership of the project, define team member duties, check on progress, maintain open communication, and encourage individual leadership.
  • Department Planning/Budgeting & Execution – Works collaboratively to prepare project civil proposals, computer load and grade requirements to determine design specifications. Supports construction team workflow to meet shifting priorities, work requirements, and construction stakeout needs. Implements quality control to confirm accuracy and precision of work. Successfully interprets construction plans and specifications, incorporating requirements into engineering work.
  • Project Team Contributions and Work – Schedules and coordinates project survey and civil design work, prioritizes execution and communicates priorities and status to project leadership team in an efficient and effective manner. Independently leads full scope of survey efforts, follows through on project commitments, establishes detailed quality review processes and accuracy standards.
  • Civil Engineering/Technical Expertise – Demonstrates proficiency with engineering activities, ensuring compliance with environmental, safety, or other governmental regulations. Articulate and efficient in communicating technical requirements to clients and adhering to industry standards. Establishes performance benchmarks and standards.
  • Corporate Understanding/Knowledge - Demonstrates the ability to evaluate and offer suggestions across the company, providing improvement ideas that think beyond one’s own department and reflects reality in multiple departments. Seeks to interact with other departments, provides support, and improves overall functioning for the greater whole.
  • Business Strategy - Thinks critically about how department functions impact overall corporate success. Offers solutions that think about corporate success. Maintains the appropriate level of business strategy as it applies to department.
  • Knowledge of Work – Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of civil engineering profession, construction site health and safety requirements and federal project survey and design specifications. Maintains competency with continuing education and professional development. Applies innovative methods, procedures, and techniques to excel within area of responsibility.
  • Quality and Quantity of Work – Produces reports, correspondence, and other work products which meet the intended objectives, demonstrates professional competency, and reflects outstanding quality. Personal work output meets or exceeds project quality and quantity goals. Displays confidence, decisiveness, and clear strategic trajectory.
  • Staff Development - Ensures that team members have a personal development plan (PDP) that ties to a department plan, shows care for the individual, as well as promotes corporate succession planning. The development goals need to support company direction and targets, need to be achievable, and should be budgeted appropriately in department.
  • Supervision/Management - Works with people, motivating, communicating, developing, correcting, rewarding, team building, and obtaining quality performance from team members.
  • Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work – Develops specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize, and accomplish work in a professional manner. Reliably completes assignments in a timely manner, follows through on assignments and contributes to team success beyond expectation.
  • Effective Team Member/Interpersonal Relations – Develops effective, positive working relationships; communicates clearly, effectively, and collaboratively throughout project hierarchy in written and verbal forms.
  • Initiative/Motivation/Leadership – Thinks ahead to anticipate future needs and opportunities; identifies problems, obstacles, or opportunities and implements effective solutions. Executes duties with minor external guidance or supervision. Utilizes effective time management skills, maintains consistent work schedule, and supports peak overtime efforts as required. Takes initiative on the behalf of others, motivates by example.
  • Communication – Communicates clearly, listens effectively; keeps others informed of necessary technical information in a timely manner; deals effectively with conflict, communicates with integrity, builds trust; communicates and exemplifies positivity.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Enterprise Level – 10% of Time (Variable)

1. Understands and manages the team structure, budget, processes, and procedures of programs of work and / or individual projects.

2. Assists the DBL in managing and coordinating all civil department project operations.

3. Assists the DBL in establishing policies and procedures, defining operational objectives, and identifying priorities for the civil department.

4. Assists the DBL, as assigned, with departmental budget planning.

Civil Engineering Design – 80% of Time (Variable)

5. Directs engineering activities, ensuring compliance with environmental, safety, or other governmental regulations.

6. Manages and directs the construction, operations, or maintenance activities at project site, visiting project site as needed to observe field conditions.

7. Inspects project sites to monitor progress and ensures conformance to design specifications and safety or sanitation standards.

8. Computes load and grade requirements, water flow rates, material stress factors and other calculations to determine design specifications for vertical and horizontal construction projects.

9. Plans and develops hand sketches and three-dimensional models from data and prepares existing conditions site plans documenting all existing underground utilities, land features and general development improvements following established spatial data standards and CAD modeling templates.

10. Prepares grading and drainage plans as required to support proposed site development, including earthwork, hydrologic and hydraulic computations related to storm drainage design and permitting.

11. Prepares draft permit submittal packages and supports permitting efforts including stormwater management requirements, wetland delineation and mitigation planning, forest conservation planning and related natural resource mapping as required.

12. Reviews civil drawings and coordinates with the appropriate project teams.

13. Evaluates design constraints and resolve problems for assigned projects.

Department and Project Team Management - 10% of Time (Variable)

14. Collaborates with appropriate stakeholders to manage the establishment of project priorities and expectations and communicates any changes to design project schedules or staff variables to the DBL and all stakeholders.

15. Reviews, interprets, and maintains an understanding of project requirements (e.g., RFP), company policies and procedures, project-specific agreements, scopes of work, and consultant scopes for team to assist in the management of relationships, production of work and the

deliverables of all stakeholders.

16. Collaborates with the entire RQ project team (e.g., DBL, EDA, CPM, PX, PA, DQCM, CQC, estimating/marketing departments, and field team) throughout the duration of the project, as needed, and communicates project status and workflow information to the DBL and other team members on a regular basis.

17. Understands project codes and regulations and teaches team members.

18. Assists the DBL with the development, implementation, and administration of project strategies (e.g., civil design schedule, procurement, LEED, Risk, Customer, etc.) specific to each project.

19. Assists in monitoring and tracking civil proposal quality and timeliness during the proposal phase.1

20. Establishes and implements periodic production and quality control reviews of contract documents and civil submittal packages.

21. Performs other duties as assigned and agreed upon with supervisor1.

Qualifications: (Knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics needed to perform job)

  • Knowledge of and experience applying design techniques, tools, theories, and principles involved in the production and submittal of plans, drawings, models, specifications, construction details, etc. to civil engineering, site and utilities design and permitting.
  • Knowledge of and experience applying basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, geodesy, and applications in land surveying.
  • Experience preparing and maintain sketches, maps, reports, and legal descriptions of surveys in order to describe, certify, and assume liability for accuracy of work performed.
  • Ability to coordinate survey and civil engineering design work with construction and architectural personnel, clients, and others concerned with projects.
  • Knowledge of general practical application of building engineering science and technology. This includes applying principles, techniques, and procedures toward the design and production of buildings and structures.
  • Demonstrates active listening and reading comprehension skills to facilitate the assigned tasks and answering of inquiries regarding design.
  • Demonstrates critical thinking and communication skills, including written and verbal comprehension and speaking, to assist in the design development process.
  • Demonstrates time management skills to facilitate project and departmental goals.
  • Ability to read and understand design information and ideas presented in writing or through oral instruction.
  • Ability to communicate civil design information through graphic hand sketching and computer modeling.
  • Ability and experience operating Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.) and MS Teams to assist in completing various design aspects of the position.
  • Ability and experience operating various design tools within AutoCAD Civil
  • 3D to assist in the production of assigned survey work and development of project design site and utility models.
  • Demonstrates a motivation to set and maintain high quality standards by paying attention to detail; minimizes errors and omissions, thoroughly self-checks work prior to submitting for designer of record review.
  • Demonstrates the initiative and willingness to take on responsibility and proactively approach challenges as an active team member in a remote, independent role that requires a high degree of integrity, work discipline and trust.
  • Demonstrates a consistent commitment to RQ’s Mission, Vision, and Values

Education & Experience

  • A BS degree in Civil Engineering is the minimum formal education required for this position.
  • Professional Engineer (P.E.) License required.
  • Twenty (20) or more years' experience in civil design, project delivery or equivalent in the industrial construction projects (foundation and below aspects: design land development, building pads, infrastructure for new builds, etc.) required with six (6) or more years' experience in drainage, grading, and utility design.
  • Project management with the Department of Defense (DoD) is preferred.
  • Specific software literacy required: AutoCAD, Civil 3D, MS Work and MS Excel.
  • Travel to jobsites, as needed, is required.

Working Conditions

  • Working conditions are normal for an office environment. Excellent individual performance is expected. Company goals will be realized through dedicated teamwork pursuing Company objectives. Work is primarily completed in the corporate office, though travel to project job sites will be required

Physical Demands

  • Position requires basic office work including sitting, standing, walking, climbing stairs, kneeling, bending, and operating office equipment that is hand operated. Outdoor work includes traversing native and disturbed terrain and vegetation, exposure to insects and native biologics in varying weather conditions, dusty, rainy, and potentially frozen conditions. Candidates will be required to perform light manual labor, follow all safety guidelines, and lift over 50 lbs

Withheld Authority

  • Seeks approval from the DBL for finalizing or changing project schedules or add/service cost changes to a project. All contracts and contract modifications shall be signed by the DBL. Seeks approval from the DBL for finalizing information on proposals for projects. In addition, all personnel decisions must be deferred to the DBL. I have read and understand the essential requirements of this Job Description and have addressed any concerns or questions with the Design Business Leader. I understand that this Job Description may not cover all the duties and responsibilities I may be required to perform in my position. I also understand that this Job Description does not create an employment contract, implied or otherwise, and that RQ Construction, LLC is an “at-will” employer.