Consulting Engineer (Stormwater Project Design and Delivery)

Austin, Texas
Jul 14, 2021
Aug 14, 2021
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This position will serve as the lead for the program management functions within the  Project Design and Delivery group in the Watershed Protection Department (WPD).  The position will provide leadership and direction for the staff responsible for capital program management; asset management planning; and for project coordination with other City departments, external agencies and private entities (e.g. public-public, private-public and mobility coordination partnerships).  This position will serve as a lead deputy for the Managing Engineer that is ultimately responsible for these functions.  
An equivalent area of individual responsibility will be for development of a centralized stormwater infrastructure engineering project development function.  This includes responsibility for performing programmatic infrastructure needs assessments, engineering project identification, performing initial project assessments/feasibility determinations, developing conceptual designs and providing project delivery method assignments (field engineering, in-house design or capital projects).  Typical project types include stream restoration, flood risk reduction approaches (hydraulic structures or property acquisitions), storm drain improvements and stormwater control measures (water quality and flood detention ponds). The position will work with the project delivery team managing engineers and supervising engineers to develop an inventory of vetted projects to make assignments to engineering staff for project implementation (feasibility, preliminary engineering, design, construction).  This lead role will be able to assess citywide problems associated with the missions of Watershed Protection (erosion, flooding and water quality) by leveraging systems of record information (311, enterprise GIS, Maximo Work Order Management System, WPD asset management plans, field inspections, floodplain models, stormdrain models, strategic plan risk assessments, etc.). The position will be responsible for oversight of the development and operation of engineering project program controls and tracking systems for identified problems, priority lists and key components of engineering project assignments (scope, schedule and budget).  
In addition, the position will lead the in-house project delivery cross-functional team (i.e. In-house Design HUB), which coordinates in-house and field engineering projects between the project delivery teams.  The position will sponsor the departments IDIQ contracts for open and closed systems.  The position will develop standards of practice for WPD Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and in-house project internal technical and QA/QC reviews at the various project life cycle milestones.  The position will also work closely with the WPD Capital Program Consultant on vetting the departments 5-year CIP plan.  The position will work closely with the asset management planning team to develop annual plans for stormwater asset rehabilitation, repair and upgrades.  This will require use of asset management decision support systems that evaluate asset condition, criticality and risk.  The position will serve in a leadership role and provide guidance, mentoring and support for other engineering and process-oriented staff within the department related to project design and delivery.
  • Graduate degree in Civil Engineering or a closely related field. 
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP). 
  • Demonstrated successful experience in leading cross-functional teams of non-direct reporting staff. 
  • Demonstrated successful experience in leading engineering and technical support staff for project delivery of infrastructure projects. 
  • Proficiency in data intensive engineering technology applications such as hydraulic models, GIS, complex spreadsheets analysis, CAD, enterprise databases, business intelligence tools and innovative computer programming. 
  • Demonstrated successful leadership in development of priority start-up initiatives and programs related to infrastructure asset management and project delivery. 
  • Direct experience in the design and construction of stormwater infrastructure maintenance, repair, renewal and upgrade projects.
    Experience in short- and long-range planning of stormwater infrastructure renewal and upgrade projects for in-house design and capital projects.  
  • Ability to travel to more than one work location


Graduation with a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in a field related to engineering, plus eight (8) years engineering experience acquired either before and/or after licensing as a professional engineer.

Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in the State of Texas
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