Entry Level Geotechnical Engineers

About this Job

American Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc. is a specialist award-winning geotechnical consulting firm located in the south suburbs of Pittsburgh, approximately 25 miles from downtown. We provide professional geotechnical services for public and private clients throughout PA, NJ, MD, DE, DC, VA, and WV. Founded in 1995, A.G.E.S., Inc. has grown to be the largest specialty geotechnical consultant in Northeastern US. We have been involved in designing infrastructure projects with construction costs of over $14+ billion in the last 26 years. We currently have branch offices in King of Prussia, PA, and McLean, VA.
We currently have two opportunities available in our Pittsburgh headquarters:
Our firm primarily provides specialist services to larger engineering firms and private clients. A large segment of our work is related to geotechnical design for new highways, bridge replacements, and roadway rehabilitation projects. We also provide geotechnical services to various airports for pavement repairs, taxiway and runway extensions or repairs, and miscellaneous safety or other improvements. Other work includes foundation investigations for retail and commercial developments, shopping malls, and wastewater treatment facilities.
Over the last twenty-six years, we have grown the company based on a philosophy of providing responsive, technically high-quality work. We have grown our staff by selecting qualified, motivated people and retaining them by providing an excellent working environment and benefits. Our staff of over 60 people includes 23 Professional Engineers and 7 Professional Geologists. Based on the size and age of our company, we offer a high degree of flexibility.
We are currently looking for recent graduates with a Ph.D., M.S., or B.S. in Geotechnical or Civil Engineering with a concentration in geotechnical engineering evidenced by a minimum of 24 semester hours of geotechnical related courses in soil mechanics, foundation engineering, advanced soil mechanics, rock mechanics, soil dynamics, retaining structures and slopes, engineering geology, group improvement, deep excavations, embankment dam engineering, soil-structure interaction, advanced foundation engineering, reliability-based foundation design, and a geotechnical engineering related design project, or similar.
This is a full-time position - 40 hours a week. Persons interested in this position should send a resume to Hiring Manager, American Geotechnical & Environmental Services Inc., 4 Grandview Circle, Suite 100, Canonsburg, PA 15317-8533 at jobs@agesinc.com or fax 724-916-0315.
For more information on us, please visit www.agesinc.com. You will find more information on employment and the incredible benefits we offer.
Additional Salary Information: Please check out our employee benefits at https://www.agesinc.com/careers/benefits/
We will provide a relocation bonus if you are moving from out of town.
Why work for AGES, Inc.
·        The firm is focused on one area only - geotechnical engineering – we are a mile deep, not a mile wide.
·        We are a small to mid-size company – which gives us flexibility and gives you the chance to work on various projects.
·        We work as a specialty geotechnical sub-consultant to many larger firms, giving us a wide variety of work.
·        Our firm typically has over 200 active projects – which means you will be working on multiple projects – not just one or two larger projects.
·        Recognized as a leading firm for the quality of our work – which means clients come to us with their more complex and larger projects.
·        A friendly and challenging work environment with the opportunity to work with and learn from senior engineers and geologists. We have an open-door policy throughout the firm.
·        We do not provide routine construction monitoring – which means you won’t spend your first few years doing compaction monitoring
·        Our staff are extremely well qualified – and will train you to apply your education to real-world problems. We believe in mentoring programs and professional development based on cross-training.
·        8 Ph.D.’s on staff – more than most university geotechnical departments.
·        We believe in continuing education for our employees – we sponsor attendance at various seminars and training classes. Our employees have made over 100 presentations/papers.
·        We are actively involved in professional societies – we have 3 past chairs of the Pittsburgh ASCE Geo-Institute, 1 past Director of the ASCE branch, 1 past president of the local ASHE chapter, 2 members of the DFI committee for soil/rock nails and tiebacks, and have served on various ACEC committees. We have 4 employees currently on the board of the Pittsburgh ASCE Geo-Institute. We sponsor participation also in other local societies such as ASHE, PGS, and AEG.
·        We offer a flexible work environment and recognize that life outside of work is important. Our employees participate in a variety of social activities. We have a running team, golf outing, and a soccer league.
·        Our senior employees are retiring, and the firm is growing – giving opportunities for growth within the firm. We give preference to promote from within – we are looking for people who want a career with us.
·        We offer some of the industry’s best benefits and a very competitive salary
What you will be working on at A.G.E.S., Inc.
The firm primarily provides geotechnical design services for large public infrastructure projects. This is either part of the consultant design team working for the owner or as part of a design-build team working for contractors. Our projects range from small bridge replacements and landslide repair projects to major new highway or highway widening projects. These projects typically have designs spread over several years, which gives the firm a stable backlog of future work.
The majority of our work has been in Pennsylvania; however, we have recently opened an office outside of Washington DC and are expanding into the Northern Virginia/ DC area. From a geotechnical perspective, Pennsylvania offers a wide variety of geotechnical challenges, which include:
·        Abandoned deep mines and strip mines
·        Steep hillsides with landslide prone weak clays and pre-existing landslides
·        Thick glacial soils and buried glacial valleys
·        Steeply dipping and faulted bedrock
·        Limestone valleys with solution voids and sinkholes
·        Thick soils on the coastal plain in SE Pennsylvania
·        Fill materials placed along river valleys for prior development
Projects that we are currently working on include:
·        Specialized design review consultants and geotechnical construction consultants for the iconic Chirajara Bridge in Colombia, South America. Involvement is expected to continue until the end of 2020. Geotechnical consultant on a multi-national panel of experts to provide a forensic evaluation of a major cable-stayed bridge collapse during construction. This bridge has a span of 1,600 feet, and a height of 500 feet collapsed, resulting in multiple fatalities. We were retained to evaluate if foundation failure contributes towards the bridge collapse initially. We are currently working with the owner on reviewing the redesign of the bridge with reuse and modification of the original foundations. We will also be providing expert witness testimony during upcoming litigation.
·        Prepared the geotechnical section of the State of Delaware’s geotechnical design manual for highways, bridges, and retaining walls. We also provided training on the new manual to state employees and consultants.
·        Lead geotechnical design consultant for the final design of all three sections of the Mon-Fayette Expressway extending through the South Hills of Pittsburgh. The project corridor has been extensively mined with abandoned deep mines and strip mines along a large portion of the alignment. Stabilizing the mine workings and handling the water in the mine and carbonaceous materials is a major design challenge. The project includes XX new bridges, XX retaining walls, and significant cuts and fills.
·        Lead geotechnical design consultant for a new bridge over the Monongahela River and two roadway design sections extending the Mon-Fayette Expressway north to Monroeville. This project is currently on hold but is anticipated to become active in the next couple of years. In addition to a major river bridge, this section has significant issues with landslide-prone slopes.
·        Lead geotechnical designer for the West Shore Bypass reconstruction project in Reading, Pa. This is one of the largest projects in Pennsylvania, with an estimated construction cost of over $500 million. This project is for the widening of 5 miles of SR 422 adjacent to the Schuylkill and includes the replacement of 19 bridges. Widening is constrained by commercial and residential development to the west and the river to the east. As a result, the project includes multiple retaining walls on both sides of the highway. The geotechnical challenges are complicated by the need to maintain at least 4 lanes of traffic throughout construction – requiring extensive construction phasing, temporary shoring, and constraining the types of walls that can be used. We are currently starting the preliminary design on this project and expect significant effort over the next several years.
·        Lead geotechnical designer for the total reconstruction of SR 61 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. This project includes a significant rock cut with a history of rock falls. Our work includes detailed mapping of the structural geology, evaluation of rockfall potential, and means to control rock falls. The project also includes measures to stabilize a large fill embankment undercut by a creek and is starting to fail. We are currently in the final design phase of this project.
·        Landslides and retaining walls. – We are on multiple design contracts throughout the state where we are assigned work orders to evaluate landslides and develop remediation plans. These include a wide variety of retaining wall types, soil nails, rock anchors, and slope reconstruction. We are the lead geotechnical engineer on a project to evaluate the failure of a bridge embankment on a major interstate highway. To identify the failure mechanism and design a foundation stabilization program, we install inclinometers and surface survey points.
·        Foundations – we design both shallow and deep foundations for a wide variety of subsurface conditions. Foundation types include spread footings, piles, friction piles, micro-piles, and drilled shafts. Projects have included evaluation of downdrag due to settlement and ground improvement measures to mitigate settlement. We also evaluate field load tests to verify the design and make modifications based on the test results.